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This term we are very excited to be learning about 'Crime and Punishment through the ages.' We will be learning about how crime and punishment has evolved over time and how the world has changed over time. We will using our historical knowledge to look at sources and learn about crimes and punishments of the Romans, Anglo Saxons, Tudors, Victorians and to the modern day. 

We will be learning about key figures in history such as Sir Robert Peel and Queen Victoria along with how judgements have been decided over time. We will be learning about the artwork of Frida Kahlo, L S Lowry and Francis Bacon, using them as inspiration for our art. We will also be sewing money purses using denim fabric and appliqué. We will be using our geographical skills to map the key countries of crime and punishment and learn how to read 6 and 8 point grid references. 

We will consider and learn about suffering and how Christians and Buddhists view suffering and helping others. We will be learning the Bible and looking at how stories from the Bible can support our knowledge and learning.

In music we will be learning about Jazz and Pop. We will be learning how to find a beat, sing, create rhythm, call and response and compose our own music.

In PSHE and RSE, we will be thinking about our unique changing selves and our families and trust circle. We will be discussing our strengths and differences, thinking about how our relationships change over time and who our key relationships are with. 

We will be focusing on reading comprehension, evidencing, inference and vocabulary. We will also be learning our key concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - ensuring that our skills are ready to move on to fractions, percentages, ratio and trickier maths topics.

We will be looking at the prodigal son and how it can help us with forgiveness, respect and acceptance. We will be learning yoga and breathing exercises to help relax and concentrate on overcoming any worries or concerns we may have. 

In Oak class, we love Maths, reading and English because we are challenged to try our best and have great times learning in a creative topic based way! We will be focusing on a range of skills and growing our knowledge of reading, grammar and arithmetic throughout the year!

We are getting to grips with our Tackling Tables challenge, with everyone of our class on green level. We now have no children on blue level and we even have a few who have completed all of the tackling tables resources and have moved onto Mrs Taylors challenges which include times tables up to 20 x20 and beyond!

We will be continuing our learning outdoors every Wednesday at Mount Amelia, in our pond area, sensory garden or at the Church.

We work hard in school and out of school, handing in our homework every Friday. Our homework is due in on Wednesday

We also enjoy our rewards in Oak class, with house points being given for excellent work, kindness, Christian values, friendship, politeness, helpfulness and maturity. We also work towards choosing time and winning the house point cup. If we are outstanding in an area we may also be able to choose from the treat box full of stationary useful for our lives in school or at High school when we leave. 

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Our new rolling plans for Year A/B (AUTUMN)


Meet the Teacher Slides

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PRACTISE 1 > Grammar Who, who's, whose work 40 KB
PRACTISE 2 > Grammar Reported speech and direct speech 26 KB
PRACTISE 3 > Comprehension Aztecs reading and questions 99 KB
PRACTISE 4 > Reading Small reading and a few questions 28 KB
PRACTISE 5 > Grammar Modal verbs and adverbs 36.5 KB
PRACTISE 6 > Maths Multiplication and division 94 KB
PRACTISE 7 > Maths Word problems including money 105 KB
PRACTISE 8 > Reading Small reading about Florence Nightingale 14.7 KB
PRACTISE 9 > Maths Missing number problems and arithmetic problems 47.8 KB
PRACTISE 10 > Grammar Adding speech marks to sentences 28.5 KB
Maths-problems Multiple arithmetic questions powerpoint 98.5 KB
Arithmetic 15 questions of arithmetic 56.8 KB
Book review template A book review template to use if you wish or create your own. 58.3 KB
Handwriting-lines Need to keep up your handwriting - here are some lines to use. 108 KB
Year 6 SATS words to practise Previously used words from SATs spelling tests 16.4 KB
Grammar revision and questions Great revision before exams (very large file) 37.2 MB

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