A Short Guide to School Governing Bodies


The governing body works with the headteacher and the staff at the school to make sure that the school provides a good quality of education for all its pupils. Governors work in partnership with the headteacher to set the strategic direction of the school. The school governing body is akin to the Board of a company.

Governing bodies in schools are accountable for:

  • the use of public funds
  • the quality of education provide
  • the wider contribution of the school to the community

Governing body membership is a combination of appointed and elected governors; governors usually sign up for a four-year term of office after which they may be re-elected or re-appointed. The number and type of governors varies; we have12 governors.

The Legal Status of Governing Bodies

  • Governing bodies are set up by law as corporate bodies so the responsibility for the actions and decisions of the governing body lies with the whole governing body rather than individual members.
  • A governing body must act as a group. Individual governors cannot act on behalf of the governing body unless authorised to do so, or in special circumstances where emergency action is needed.
  • Individual governors are appointed or elected by specified bodies or groups but they are not delegates and are free to vote according to their own wishes.
  • Provided governors act within the scope of their functions and procedures, in accordance with the law and their instrument of government and with honesty and in good faith, individual governors will not be held liable if things go wrong as a result of the governing body’s decisions.

The Role of the Governing Body

The main aim of the governing body is to maintain and improve the quality of education and the standards of achievement at the school. The Governing Body has responsibility for the overall strategic direction of the school and for the standards achieved. A key role of the governing body is to challenge and support the school leaders, holding them to account for tackling weaknesses and further improving outcomes for all pupils.

The role of governors is:

  • to provide a strategic view
  • to act as a “critical friend”
  • to ensure accountability.

Statutory Duties of the Governing Body

There are some duties, laid down by law, that a Governing Body has a responsibility for;

  • promoting community cohesion,
  • ensuring the health, safety & wellbeing of staff & pupils
  • setting the school’s aims, objectives and policies
  • monitoring and evaluating the work of the school
  • drawing up the School Improvement Plan
  • drawing up a post-Ofsted action plan
  • setting and monitoring the school budget
  • ensuring that the national curriculum is in place
  • setting appropriate targets of achievement at Key Stage 1 & KS 2
  • ensuring inclusive practice relating to special educational needs, race, equality, disability and gender
  • ensuring the special educational needs of pupils are met
  • appointing the headteacher and deputy headteacher and determining how the appointment of other staff is managed
  • establishing a performance management policy for staff appraisal
  • establishing procedures for the management of staff conduct
  • model-of-governornance

Welcome To Our Governors


Chair & Foundation PCC Governor Vice Chairman and Foundation Diocesan Governor Foundation Bishops Governor Foundation PCC Governor
Mrs Anne Louise Moore
Term of office:15-08-17
to 14-08-21
Mr Andrew Dominic Nicoll
Term of office:4-7-18
to 5-7-22
Revd. Mark Capron
Term of office:12-7-16
to 12-7-20
Mrs Sarah Jane Bristow
Term of office: 29-09-17
to 30-9-21


 Foundation Diocesan Board Governor Staff Governor Foundation Diocesan Board Governor Headteacher
Mrs Hayley Minns
Term of office:17-10-17
to 18-10-21
Mrs Amy Jayne Taylor
Term of office: 18-4-18

Mr John Nicholson Oughtibridge

Term of office 12-01-18 to 11-1-22

Mr Sean Wright
Term of office: 31-08-18
to 31-08-22


Parent Governor LA Governor Foundation Diocesan Board Governor Parent Governor

Miss Nicole Simone Maclean Fisher

Term of office: 7-10-19 to 6-10-23

Mr Mathew Stuart Page
Term of office: 4-11-19 to 3-10-23
Mrs Carol Greatorex
Term of office 1-09-17 to 30-08-21




Annual Statement of the Governing Body Ingoldisthorpe Church of England VA Primary School Autumn 2019 
Dear Parents, 
All the Governors would like to welcome you and your child to Ingoldisthorpe School and to provide a short review of our role, how we work and our activity over the past year. 

There are twelve Governors at the school. We have two committees, a Finance Committee, which focuses on finance, premises and staffing matters and a Curriculum Committee which concentrates on the pupils’ learning, data, and progress. The Governors meet formally in total 12 times each year. Individual Governors monitor the progress of our pupils in specific curriculum areas across the full curriculum. We have also Nominated Governor for Safeguarding and for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.  

The Governors are part of the Leadership team of the school. Collectively we are responsible for ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and direction, holding the Head Teacher, Mr Sean Wright, to account for the  quality of education provided in the school and to all of the pupils and overseeing financial performance to ensure money is well spent. Together with the Head and deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Sarah Hall, we plan, monitor and support every aspect of the school’s work. Governors assist in the recruitment process as required though the school has a low turnover of staff.   

With the growth of pupil numbers at the school since 2015  a focus of the Governors remains ensuring that the resources are available to provide the best quality of education is available to all children, and that each child is encouraged and stretched to achieve their best result. All Governors spend time talking with and listening to teachers about their roles in school and how they deliver their subjects, and monitor the progress and attainment of pupils. 

Beyond the review of activity undertaken in regular meetings individual Governors visit the school to observe and gather evidence of the work of the school staff and discuss further short and long term initiatives with Mr Wright. We talk to staff, pupils and parents to hear their views on the many changes that have taken place in the work of the school over the year and what further progress is planned.  

The School’s Summer 2019 KS1 and KS2 results well above local, county and national averages  in all core subject areas. The school retains its “Outstanding” OFSTED grading.  

Ingoldisthorpe Governors have also attended a wide range of direct and distance training  over the past  year to ensure our knowledge and skills are up to date. We constantly ask ourselves how the work we are doing helps to improve the quality of learning and the progress of the children.  

Further Information; Minutes of Governing Body meetings, Committee meetings and monitoring reports are public documents – you can ask at the school office if you would like to see any of the minutes of our meetings or reports prepared following our visits. Further information about the Governors can also be found on the school’s website. If you have any queries about the work of the Governing Body or consider that you would  be prepared to become a Governor please contact the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs Jo Raby, via the school office. 


We look forward to seeing you all at future events within school. 


  Anne Moore


Chair, on behalf of the Governors 


Governor Responsibilities

Governor Responsibilities

Outcome and Data
Amy Taylor
Hayley Minns

John Oughtibridge
Leadership and Management
John Oughtibridge
Sarah Bristow

Andrew Nicoll
Personal Development and Welfare

Anne Moore
Andrew Nicoll
Rev Mark Capron

Quality of Learning

Carol Greaterex
Matthew Page

Nicole Fisher

Pecuniary Interests, Governance Roles & Relationships

Full Governors Meeting - Tuesday 18th September 2018:
No Pecuniary Interests were reported and governors completed the annual Register of Pecuniary Interest form.
Governance roles in other educational institutions: Rev Mark Capron is also a governor at Dersingham Primary School.

2017/18 Governor Attendance

Date of Meeting FGM 12.09.17 CCM 03.10.17 FCM 05.10.17 FGM 17.10.17 CCM 28.11.17 FCM 30.11.17 FGM 12.12.17 CCM 23.01.18 FCM  25.01.18 FGM 06.02.18 CCM 13.03.18 FCM 15.03.18 FGM 27.03.18 FCM 01.05.18 CCM 08.05.18 FCM 10.05.18 FGM 22.05.18 CCM  03.07.18 FCM 05.07.18 FGM 17.07.18
Attended by : J Raby A.Nicoll S Bristow J Raby A.Nicoll S.Bristow J Raby A.Nicoll S Wright J Raby A.Nicoll B Marten A.Nicoll J Raby A Moore J Raby A Nicoll S Wright S Wright J Raby
  A.Nicoll J Raby J Raby A.Nicoll S.Wright S Wright A Nicoll N Thurston J Raby A.Nicoll S.Wright Rev M Capron S.Wright S Wright S.Wright H Minns S.Wright A Nicoll S Bristow S Wright
  S.Wright S.Wright S.Wright S.Wright N Thurston J Raby S.Wright S.Wright S Bristow S.Wright A.Moore J Raby S.Bristow A Moore A Taylor S.Wright S.Bristow A Moore K Bithray A Nicoll
  S.Bristow A.Moore (J.Gledhill) S.Bristow A.Moore (J Gledhill) A.Moore A.Moore (J.Gledhill) Rev M Capron C Greatorex S.Wright J Raby S Bristow K Bithray (J.Gledhill) B Marten J Raby Rev m Capron S Bristow
  B Marten C Greatorex B Marten B Marten   A Moore C Greatorex N Thurston Rev M Capron K Bithray   (J.Gledhill) Rev M Capron       A Taylor   ( F Nicoll) A Moore
  J.Gledhill N Thurston   Rev M Capron     B Marten     C Greatorex   K Bithray B Marten       H Minns     C Greatorex
    K Bithray   A.Moore     S.Bristow     S Bristow     A.Moore       A.Moore     A Taylor
        N Thurston     N Thurston     H Minns     K Bithray       Rev M Capron     Rev M Capron
        C Greatorex     Rev M Caprom     B Marten             J Oughtibridge     J Oughtibridge
        K Bithray     H Minns                         H Minns
                                        B Marten
                                        K Bithray
  F.Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk F Nicoll Clerk  F.Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk  f Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk F.Nicoll Clerk F Nicoll Clerk F Nicoll Clerk F Nicoll Clerk
Apologies from:     H Minns   C Greatoex B Marten K Bithray C Greatorex B Marten S Bristow N Thurston S Bristow N Thurston   A Nicoll Rev M Capron K Bithray A Taylor J Raby  
      J Oughtibridge   J Raby Rev M Capron   K Bithray   A Moore H Minns   H Minns   C Greatorex B Marten C Greatorex C Greatorex B Marten  
          K Bithray     J Raby         C Greatorex      S Bristow   H Minns    
              New member:             Emergency Meeting     New members;      
              H Minns             re Budget     A Taylor       
                                  J Oughtibridge