Governor role description 

Governors work together to carry out their core functions: 

  • ensuring there is clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction 
  • holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils and the performance management of staff 
  • overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent 

NGA recognises the following as the fourth core function of governance: 

ensuring the voices of stakeholders are heard 

Governors must also ensure that the governing body complies with all legal and statutory requirements. Governors should seek the advice of the clerk to the governing board and other professional advice as appropriate. 

Governing body strategic responsibilities 

Governing bodies work closely with headteachers and senior leaders. Headteachers are responsible for day-to-day management whereas the role of the governing body is strategic. As such, governors are responsible for: 

determining the mission, values and long-term ambitious vision for the school 

deciding the principles that guide school policies and approving key policies 

working with senior leaders to develop a strategy for achieving the vision 

ensuring that parents, pupils, staff and the wider community are involved, consulted and informed as appropriate 

ensuring that all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum such that pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education and adult life 

setting the school’s budget and ensuring it is managed effectively together with premises and other resources 

agreeing the school’s staffing structure and keeping it under review to ensure it supports delivery of the strategy 

ensuring robust risk management procedures are in place and that risk control measures are appropriate and effective 

Monitoring and evaluating school performance 

Governors must monitor the priorities that have been set to ensure progress is being made by: 

measuring the school’s impact and progress towards its strategic objectives 

ensuring the required policies and procedures are in place and the school is operating effectively in line with these policies 

evaluating relevant data and feedback provided by school leaders and external reporting on all aspects of school performance 

asking challenging questions of school leaders in order to hold them to account 

holding the headteacher to account for standards, financial probity and compliance with agreed policies 

visiting the school to monitor implementation of the strategy and reporting back to the board (this could be in a link governor capacity) 

ensuring that there are policies and procedures in place to deal with complaints effectively 

Panels and committees 

When required, governors are expected to serve on panels or committees in order to: 

appoint the headteacher and other senior leaders 

appraise the headteacher and make pay recommendations 

hear staff grievances and disciplinary matters 

review decisions to exclude pupils 

deal with formal complaints 

Contribution to the governing body 

Governors should ensure that they are making a positive and meaningful contribution to the governing body by: 

attending meetings (a minimum of 3 full governing board meetings and a number of committee meetings each year), reading papers and preparing questions for senior leaders in advance 

establishing and maintaining professional relationships with senior leaders and colleagues on the board 

getting to know the school, including visiting the school occasionally during school hours 

undertaking induction training and developing knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis 



      Welcome To Our Governors


      Chair & Foundation PCC Governor Vice Chairman and Foundation Diocesan Governor Foundation Bishops Governor Foundation PCC Governor
      Mrs Anne Louise Moore
      Term of office:15-08-18
      to 14-08-22
      Mr Andrew Dominic Nicoll
      Term of office:4-7-18
      to 5-7-22
      Revd. Mark Capron
      Term of office:12-7-20
      to 13-7-24
      Mrs Sarah Jane Bristow
      Term of office: 29-09-18
      to 30-9-22


       Foundation Diocesan Board Governor Staff Governor Foundation Diocesan Board Governor Headteacher
      Mrs Hayley Minns
      Term of office:17-10-21
      to 18-10-25
      Mrs Amy Jayne Taylor
      Term of office: 18-4-18
      to 19-9-22

      Mr John Nicholson Oughtibridge

      Term of office 12-01-18 to 11-1-22

      Mr Sean Wright
      Term of office: 31-08-18
      to 31-08-22


      Parent Governor LA Governor Foundation Diocesan Board Governor Parent Governor

      Miss Nicole Simone Maclean Fisher

      Term of office: 7-10-19 to 6-10-23

      Mr Mathew Stuart Page
      Term of office: 4-11-19 to 3-10-23



      Annual Statement of the Governing Body Ingoldisthorpe Church of England VA Primary School Autumn 2021

      Dear Parents and Carers

      All the governors would like to welcome your children of all year groups back to school. At the moment classroon bubbles are no longer required which I am sure everyone is very happy about. It has been a difficult two years for all of us so it is great to be getting back to normal.

      Governors will be able to have meetings face to face and be able to visit the school and attend school events.

      I know the pandemic is not over so we may be required by government to reimpose restrictions but strongly hope this doesn't happen. We will continue to follow Government guidelines to keep your children safe and happy at school. School isn't the same without happy children mixing around the school buildings and grounds.

      All our responsibilities are listed above. Minutes of our meetings are public documents and are available upon request from the office. If you have any questions about the work of the Governing Body please contact Mrs Jo Raby, Clerk to the Governors, via the office.

      Anne Moore

      Chair of Governors

      Governor Responsibilities

      Governor Responsibilities

      Outcome and Data
      Amy Taylor
      Hayley Minns

      John Oughtibridge
      Leadership and Management
      John Oughtibridge
      Sarah Bristow

      Andrew Nicoll
      Personal Development and Welfare

      Anne Moore
      Andrew Nicoll
      Rev Mark Capron

      Quality of Learning

      Matthew Page

      Nicole Fisher


      Safeguarding and SEND governor

      Anne Moore


      Health and Safety governor

      Andrew Nicoll

      Pecuniary Interests, Governance Roles & Relationships

      Full Governors Meeting - Tuesday 14th September 2021:
      No Pecuniary Interests were reported and governors completed the annual Register of Pecuniary Interest form.
      Governance roles in other educational institutions: Rev Mark Capron is also a governor at Dersingham Primary School.

      2018/19 Governor Attendance