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   Welcome to Maple Class!


A huge welcome to Maple class from Mr. Gachowicz, Miss. Claxton and Mrs. Wallis.



In the Autumn term we are looking forward to learning about the invasion and settling of the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. We will learn about where in the timeline they appear, when they came to Britain and why they came. With maps, we will look at the places they settled by studying their place names. In geography, we will look at similarities and differences in human and physical geographical features of Anglo-Saxon and Viking settlements. In English, through a creative topic-based way, we shall be writing a retelling of the epic Beowulf, writing newspaper reports based on an Anglo-Saxon burial and look at Sutton Hoo, write Kennings, a film review and character description and biographies using Neil Gaiman's retellings of Norse mythology. We will visit West Stow Anglo-Saxon village to support our learning and write a recount of our trip. 



In computing and IT we will research information on the use of clay in pottery to link with our DT, appreciating how search results are displayed and how to safely use the internet. We will be learning how to code, starting with understanding what an algorithm is and writing quizzes. We will use Turtle Academy to create shapes using the LOGO language in computing.  We will replicate Anglo-Saxon pottery in DT and in art we will look at the work of Anglo-Saxon peoples, with a particular focus on pattern and line and make comparisons and find inspiration in the artwork of Gustav Klimt and modern artist, Sarah Morris as well as seeing Anglo-Saxon art in the flesh, in our local church. 



The children will continue to learn outdoors, and we will develop our knowledge of number and place value using natural materials.



Through an inquiry-based approach, we will investigate Forces and Magnets. We will classify materials based on their magnetic properties and begin to think about different ways of grouping and classifying. We will think about how forces act upon everything in the world, learn about gravity and Isaac Newton, push and pull forces at work and learning about the attraction and repelling of magnets. We will investigate friction and measure how much force is needed to pull an object along different surfaces. 



In music we will be thinking about what an orchestra is and what instruments are we likely to find in an orchestra and begin to identify them based on their sound. We will appreciate and respond to some classical music including In The Hall of the Mountain King and appreciate how a musical score creates atmosphere and meaning in a film. We will be creating our own musical soundtracks to accompany a silent video and learning basic musical notation alongside our fortnightly recorder lessons. We appreciate and respond to different genres of music thinking about the dynamics, tempo, beat and rhythm. 



In RE, we will think about our school ethos and how it is rooted in Biblical teaching in the Prodigal Son. We will ask the question ‘Where do religious beliefs come from?’ comparing Christianity and Islam and ‘What is meant by Jesus as Light of the World?’.  



We always try our best and will be learning lots of new skills in Maths and English. There will be a focus on practicing our tables daily so we can become fluent in our times tables and mastering the inverse. We will be doing regular arithmetic and reasoning work to master the four operations, think about number and place value and the skills needed to answer a range of mathematical concepts. 



Reading remains important to us and we will be developing our analytical and synthesis skills through whole class guided and individual reads as well as reading daily for the Readathon which starts later in the term. We love and encourage reading for pleasure.



We will have PE twice a week so please ensure indoor and outdoor PE kits are at school. Spellings will be set and tested weekly and can be accessed on SpellingShed too. Homework will be set weekly and can be chosen from the Homework Grid. 



We are very excited about this term.




Click the link below to find out what is being taught this coming term:


Our new rolling plans for Year A/B (AUTUMN)



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Reading and Comprehension


Use this link There is a new picture daily, if you scroll down each picture has a story starter and children can continue the story. They have had lots of practise at this through their early morning work. There are additional activities to do too such as questions to answer, pictures to draw, and sentences to improve which will build on their sentence work and grammar knowledge. Happy writing.


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