Welcome to Maple Class!


A huge welcome to Maple class from Mr. Gachowicz and Miss. Claxton.

In the Spring term we are looking forward to learning about Rainforests and Mountain Ranges. We will learn about key historical figures who explored these extreme environments and the impact of their expeditions and discoveries on the world. We will locate and label rainforests and mountain ranges of the world, using maps and atlases and discover the layers of the rainforest. We will be learning through a creative topic-based way, writing rhyming poetry based on a rainforest animal, learning about deforestation and writing persuasive letters and writing a narrative based on Buddy's Rainforest Rescue. 

In computing and IT we will research key historical explorers. We shall use 3D design software to design our own pneumatic toys before making them in DT and in art we will look at the life and work of Henri Rousseau before creating our own rainforest inspired art using mix media and collage. 

The children will continue to learn outdoors and we will  develop our understanding of number, place value, arrays and fractions using natural materials as well as creating circuit diagrams using natural materials. 

Through an inquiry-based approach, we will investigate electricity. We will classify appliances based on their need for mains or battery powered electricity. We shall create simple circuits, make predictions on whether a circuit will work, understand what a closed circuit is and the use of switches and tinker with circuits which do not work, understanding how to make it a loop in order to work.  

We always try our best and will be learning lots of new skills in Maths and English. There will be a focus on practicing our tackling tables daily so we can become fluent in our times tables and mastering the inverse as well as regular arithmetic work to master the four operations. 

Reading remains important to us and we will be developing our analytical and synthesis skills through whole class guided and individual reads as well as reading daily for the Readathon. We love and encourage reading for pleasure.

We will have PE twice a week so please ensure indoor and outdoor PE kits are at school. Year 3 will go swimming on a Friday morning for the first half of term and Year 4 will go the second half. Spellings will be set and tested weekly and can be accessed on SpellingShed. Homework will be set weekly and can be chosen from the Homework Grid. 

We are very excited about this term.


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Use this link http://www.pobble365.com/. There is a new picture daily, if you scroll down each picture has a story starter and children can continue the story. They have had lots of practise at this through their early morning work. There are additional activities to do too such as questions to answer, pictures to draw, and sentences to improve which will build on their sentence work and grammar knowledge. Happy writing.


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