Welcome to Maple Class!


A huge welcome to Maple class from Mr. Gachowicz and Miss. Claxton.

This term we are looking forward to learning about the Anglo-Saxons and discovering where they came from, where they settled and what life was like in an Anglo-Saxon settlement. We will be learning through a creative topic-based way, writing newspaper reports on Anglo-Saxon hoards, creating diary entries based on famous Anglo-Saxon kings and retelling the world-famous story of Beowulf. The children will continue to learn outdoors, cooking Anglo-Saxon dishes and learning how to dye wool and weave in a frame. This will be supported by a trip to West Stow Anglo-Saxon village and country park.

We always try our best and will be learning lots of new skills in Maths and English. There will be a focus on practicing our tackling tables daily so we can become fluent in our times tables and mastering the inverse.

Reading remains important to us and we will be developing our analytical and synthesis skills through whole class guided and individual reads.

We will have PE twice a week so please ensure PE kits are at school. The children will continue to have recorder sessions on alternating weeks and Mount Amelia every Wednesday. Homework is due in on a Monday. For year 3, spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the following week. 

We are very excited about this term!


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Click the image to download the homework for the autumn term.

Click the image to download the homework for the autumn term.

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