Acorn class are working hard and having lots of fun with Mrs Howarth.
Our new topic this term is Space. We will be looking at space travel, the moon and the possibility of there being life elsewhere in the Universe! We are also looking forward to participating in our annual bird watch as part of the RSPB's Big School Bird Watch. I wonder which birds we will see this year?

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Spring Term 2020

Autumn Term 2019

Summer Term 2019


As we enter the Summer term, we wanted to give you access to the weekly objectives that Acorn class and Little Owls would have covered if school were open as normal. 




As it is 'half term' this week, we understand that some families will take a break from learning. However, we also know that some families would still like to add learning to their activities this week. So, please enjoy the activities you would like to do, from this weeks learning ideas. 



  • To read ‘consonant blends’ at the beginning of words.
  • Use st (as in stop), sl (slug), sp, sc, sk, sm, sn and sw.
  • Watch Alphablocks green letter blends on cbeebies. Espresso Kim’s phonics is also useful for follow up games and activities.

  • Can you read and spell these words?

    • stop,

    • snail,

    • spot,

    • smell,

    • swing,

    • snap,

    • slip



  • Practice writing capital letters V W X Y Z   (        
  • Practice writing your first name and surname


Reading and Writing



Maths – halving   

  • To find halves and share amounts
  • To use grapes, raisins, pennies etc to count up to 20.
  • Practise sharing amounts between 2 people. If you have 6 grapes and share them between 2 people, how many grapes do you each get?
  • What happens if you share 7 grapes?
  • Pretend to have a tea party - can you share different amounts of 'food' with your toys?


Expressive Arts and Design

  • Make a hot air balloon


Practical ideas to learn through play from Mrs Howarth

  • Make a car park with chalk, tape outside. Write numbers, words or sounds in each parking space. Encourage your child to drive their car into a particular parking space (e.g. number 15, the word that is ‘there’, the oa sound)
  • Draw a hop scotch and put numbers, sounds or words in the squares.
  • If you have a ‘Twister’ game, put sounds, numbers or words in the spots which the children have to read before putting their hands or feet on the spots!
  • Make a farm with different fields and buildings, number the fields and buildings and use animals to go into particular places e.g. put the horse in field 3. The children could also count out the correct number of animals to match the number in a field.
  • Go on a number hunt while you are walking in the woods or at the beach and challenge your children to find 3 shells, 4 pebbles etc.
  • Hide numbers, words or sounds in your garden or house. Can the children find them and recognise them? Why not write a sentence and separate the words by cutting the sentence up.
  • Hide the words and encourage your child to find them, read them and put them in order to make the sentence again.



We hope you enjoy the learning and have a great week.

Any problems or queries please contact


Mrs Howarth

Our Nativity performance - Follow the Star 2018. More photographs on the home page!

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